Wednesday, 12 April 2017

小 | xiǎo

In Mandarin Chinese, (Pinyin: xiǎo 🔊) means “small”, “short”, “little”, “minor”, “young” and such like. We’ve already seen as a part of another character, .

Wiktionary provides two interpretations of :

  1. It shows a person () with lowered arms, implying the meaning of small. In contrast, (the character for large), symbolizes a person () with arms outstretched.
  2. It shows an item divided into smaller parts by a knife .
Ponte Ryūrui, quoting Xǔ Shèn, writes that
represents small objects (such as shells or precious stones), or, more precisely, one object that was divided (the division is symbolised by “”) into eight parts (hence the shape of ...)
Uncle Hanzi is more laconic:
Pictograph of three dots. Meaning small pieces.

More photos of sea glass @ Shutterstock.

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