Thursday, 6 April 2017

♣ | clubs

“Clubs” is another confusing name. Italian and Spanish playing cards have a suit called bastoni / bastos (i.e. clubs), and these really show clubs or cudgels. But not in a French deck. According to Wikipedia,

The shape of the clubs symbol is believed to be an adaptation of the German suit of acorns. Clubs are also known as clovers, flowers and crosses. The French name for the suit is trèfles meaning clovers, the Italian name for the suit is fiori meaning flowers and the German name for the suit is Kreuz meaning cross.
indeed looks very much like shamrock, . The Russian names of this suit are крести (from крест, “cross”) or трефы (from French trèfles).

More photos related to acorns, cards, clover, crosses, leaves and sea glass @ Shutterstock.

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