Sunday, 2 July 2017

♌ | Leo

(Leo) is the fifth astrological sign in the Western zodiac, ruled by the Sun. Juan Eduardo Cirlot wrote in his Dictionary of Symbols:

It corresponds to solar power, the will, fire, and the clear, penetrating light which passes from the threshold of the Gemini into the realm of Cancer. It is connected with feelings and emotions.
The Sun is in this sign between 23 July and 22 August.

According to Wikipedia, the symbol “is based on the Nemean lion, a lion with an impenetrable hide”. To me it looks more like a squirrel. Elsewhere, it also says that is a

script form of the Greek letter “lambda”, which is the first letter of the Greek word leon, which means “lion”.
Ian Gillan, who is a Leo, sang:
Acting like a fool I had to make her cry,
Maybe I’m a Leo but I ain’t a lion...
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